Who I am

A strong woman that loves to inspire

Hello, my name is Raw Wisdom and I'm here to introduce myself to you. I am a 40-year-old, highly motivated Black American woman, (a queen).

My world, as a single mother, consists of four beautiful princesses. And, every day that I am blessed to rise, my goal is to do better today than yesterday so that I can be an example to them on how we can survive in this sometimes challenging world, successfully and in peace...

I, bring the following qualities of a virtuous woman, I have much love for my people and all mankind, I am loyal, caring and compassionate. I am intelligent, understanding, very outgoing and most importantly I am a GOD loving, GOD fearing single, saved-woman of GOD! It brings joy to my heart when I am able to assist others in areas of their lives that may be challenging, such as, relationships and day to day issues... With that being said, this is why I decided to produce this blog called (#canwetalk) I feel that GOD has set this aside for me to do.

People have blessed me with their wisdom and now I'm ready to bless you with mine!!! Bringing it to ya “raw and real”

I love you all and I'm looking forward to making the connection!!!


What I do

Keep it real

I am super excited about supplying a place for you to vent, safely and freely. a place where I can have the opportunity to inform, inspire and impact your life... I share with you because there was a time in my life when I needed to vent and be heard, and I did... along with venting I had to find myself in a position to receive the wisdom, which truly informed and inspired me. It definitely impacted my life!! I truly believe that this made me the women that I am today!!! I have so much to give and share with you all and I'm ready to do it!!!.


Wanna see proof? Come talk to me!